Lyrics by Duane Straub, circa 2000, inspired by Apple & "Conspiracy Boogie" by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz & Bob Greenlee. Predecessor idea/concept inspired by Chiat/Day advertisement.

Music/vocals recorded 2003

Al Hewgley: harmonica, steel guitar, backup vocals, & *initiative*

Mark Korpi: drums, piano, guitar, bass

Lin Korpi: lead vocal

Produced & engineered by Mark Korpi

Listen to the tune here:

Just in case you're interested, here's the story, in most every aspect I can remember:

I love music, I love boogie woogie piano music - how can anybody *not* just start tapping their toe to it?? Apparently it *doesn't* hit *everybody* that way - I think there's a clinical term for that affliction, I just haven't been able to find it yet on the internet...

The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz ( - go to his site, listen to his music, buy his music on CD or iTunes. Go to his shows - you'll tap your toe, your butt will wiggle in your seat, you'll gut laugh, you may even have a life changing experience!!!

Conspiracy Boogie from Billy's 1998 release, "Unchained Maladies," makes my wig spin! In 1999, inspired by Chiat/Day's "minimalist" spinning fruit iMac commercial, I envisioned Billy pondering with pen and paper at his piano, a total white minimalist background, same as the iMac ad. As the camera starts to circle around Billy and his piano, he declares, "...That's it - I've got it!!," penning the last word, throwing down his pen, firing up those 88s, launching into a simple, "...Macintosh Boogie, Macintosh Boogie..." vocal atop Conspiracy Boogie piano licks as the camera accelerates circling him. Are ya with me? Damn - that'd be cool as Hell!! If you're not with me & don't own Conspiracy Boogie, substitute the word Macintosh for conspiracy in the iTunes Store preview to get a better idea of the sound of the 30 second video I envisioned.

I figured something in that minimalist vein could be shot in a couple hours in chromakey on a sound stage for $1,500. So I ask my friend graphic/video artist Dick Bangham ( about it. Dick tells me, "...That's called spec work, and it'd be about $15 - $20k..."  Wrong answer - well, at least part of it. Dick's a pro, knows what he's talking about, but this was *not* spec work for Chiat/Day - heck, I already knew Apple didn't accept advertising ideas, and Chiat/Day wouldn't want to listen to me any more than that cop did the time I, uh, er... Nevermind! This idea was about fun, home brewed, entertaining content for web consumption by the Mac community, with the intention of getting Billy some wider exposure at the same time.

I can't get anyone on board for this 30 second video idea, so I suggest to Billy that he write a "Macintosh song," and that I can help him with topical subject matter (he uses a PC). That doesn't get any traction, so next time I suggest that it'd be a simple task if he just laid new vocals over Conspiracy Boogie. I'd put it on the Internet, he could become the darling of the Mac community, garnering new fans, live show attendees, CD buyers... He didn't get it - what is missing in my sales pitch?? Over the next 18 months, I brought it up most every time I spoke with him, until when I'd say, "...there's one more thing...," he'd anticipate that's what I was going to bring up. He never warmed up much to my idea...

So finally, I wrote my own lyrics utilizing what was current with Apple and in the Mac community at that time, inspired by, in a similar phrasing, and even borrowing a word or two here and there from Conspiracy Boogie. I sent the lyrics to Billy as a first pass, suggesting we could work them some more. Billy was going through a tumultuous time in his personal life, maybe he couldn't entertain such a trivial matter. I followed up & he asked, "...yeah, what's with that??" He told me he didn't see how he could put a Macintosh song on his album. I had always been touting a web release of the song, finally figured out *I* was the one who just didn't get it, and never brought it up again.

I can't get anybody on the boat with me - but, hey, I'm undeterred - what Mac person has NOT experienced times when they just can't get people on the boat?!? So I tell famed/legendary Florida guitar burner Ernie Lancaster about it. Ernie, the house guitarist at Kingsnake Records for many years and the man who coined the term and musical genre of "blusion" says, "...I'll do it!"  But, alas, due to lack of studio availability, Ernie was not able to produce the product. I highly recommend you find out what blusion is about by picking up Ernie’s latest solo release, Lightning Alley, on the web ( or the iTunes Store.

We've made our way up to 2003 now & I share this saga with Scott Sheppard of OSXFAQ ( and InsideMacRadio ( fame. Scott's excited, as long as I've known him he's been eager to spread joy and fun amongst the Mac community. Scott says, "Yeah, we'll use it on the radio show, make it the theme song!!"

So it finally percolates down to musician, musical activist/archivist, and my pal in Root Boy Slim, Al Hewgley. Al is the man!! I told Al about getting the tune on Scott's radio show. He took it, worked up a tune with the fine husband and wife musical team, Mark and Lin Korpi (, and within weeks sent me Macintosh Boogie.

I really like the tune, and I really like the vocals, yet not surprisingly (as there's little connection), it's not at all as I had originally envisioned the tune when I asked Billy to put one together based on Conspiracy Boogie. Putting the tune on the first time without one clue of what it would be like, I was actually startled as Lin's vocal started. Instinctively, I jumped, thinking I had the tune playing at the wrong speed! Yes, although it was playing in iTunes on my computer, I am old enough to have played LPs at 45 RPM and 45s at 78RPM... So I played it 4 or 5 times more in succession, and thought, this is really nice - and catchy! I REALLY appreciate the effort and creativity Al, Mark, & Lin put into it.

So I send it to Scott... It's not what he expected either -again, no surprise- but he maybe didn't give it the chance I did, or maybe it's just not his taste for music, as he didn't warm up to it quickly as I did. So the tune has languished for 5 years for lack of knowing a good outlet for it. It's here now as a result of me following a link about another Mac song that I noted in MacHEADS Newsletter #6, and a follow up exchange I had with Kobi, Producer/Director of MacHEADS The Movie ( Thanks Kobi!

I hope you enjoy the tune. If this one takes on a life of it's own as have others, we'll call this one Macintosh Boogie 1.0.

In the immortal words of the late Winston Kelly, as conveyed for a decade and a half by the late Root Boy Slim - Boogie 'til You Puke!!


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Yes, those are Rev. A iMacs!